Student University Satisfaction Scale (SUSS)

Author of Tool: 

Shelina Bhamani

Key references: 

Bhamani, S., & Hussain, N. (2012). Student university satisfaction scale. Interdpisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 4(3), 332-341. Available from

Primary use / Purpose: 

Assess Students University Satisfaction


The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the satisfaction of students with the university they are attending The survey tool comprised two main sections. Section A focuses on the demographics, programme of study, level of study, mode of study, financing of the study and GPA scored in the last semester. Section B consists of the 32 item Student University Satisfaction Scale (SUSS).


The overall Cronbach's alpha of the scale was found to be  0.911 (see Bhamani & Hussain, 2012 for more details).


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